It’s been ten years since Luz Ambiance has opened its doors. A decade filled with challenges, work, dedication, triumphs and lessons.

Ten years during which two little boys grew alongside the business… let’s say that it was more the business that followed suit because the exact reason for my becoming an entrepreneur was to be able to see my sons grow.

Ten years during which, despite the hardships, I had the feeling of fulfilment in happiness and in doing work that I was passionate about.

Ten years of extraordinary encounters with partners, suppliers and clients who became accomplices in our creative endeavors. 

I am profoundly appreciative of the loyalty of each and every one of you which is at the heart of Luz Ambiance’s success.

We are ready for another decade and for this, we have a little something new to present. It is a pleasure for me to present to you our all new web page in the hopes that it will serve you well in the creation of your magically illuminated events.